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Buckinghamshire Master Bathroom

Our clients are based in Stoke Poges and visited our showroom to discuss their master en suite which they felt was tired and in need of modernisation. With the family grown up and having left home, they were free to create a space that was solely based on their needs. They wanted a clean, modern and luxurious feel without being extravagant to reflect their lifestyle.

Project Brief

The brief from our clients was to create a luxurious en suite bathroom with a separate spacious shower and bath.  This was to replace dated and old-fashioned fitted furniture with an Avocado suite plus a bath with shower over. They also wanted some worktop space with practical storage rather than the hugely impractical existing furniture. Our clients were particularly taken with a bath with an integrated panel and wanted us to create a classic, spacious and understated bathroom.

Project Style

Contemporary, Fully Tiled, Walk-In Shower, Wet Floor, Storage

Project Budget

£20-25K, £25-30K

Our Approach

  • Our designer spent a lot of time in the initial planning stage working with the Project Manager to ensure the layout was correct in terms of the plumbing and ventilation.
  • These often dictate the pipe run and the location of the toilet as well as the shower and whether that needs to be raised or not.
  • We decided on a Bette bath and panel which would give the client the clean and unfussy look they wanted.
  • A wall-hung WC was the best solution to hide the pipes and the added boxing allowed for a more streamlined look.  The soil pipe is located in a somewhat random position and our designer wanted to hide this by creating a false wall in which all the plumbing could be hidden, and we could recess a cupboard above the WC as well as being able to have a larger basin unit and mirror cabinet above the basin unit.
  • This created a better flow and design and no longer looked as if everything had been dumped somewhere but they actually belonged there.
  • we moved the basin away from the window to fit a mirror in and also to take advantage of the stunning light that comes in from the window.
  • Creating a separate shower was very important to the clients as this was what they used the bathroom mostly for.  Ensuring the shower space was large, comfortable and spacious was a must.   We suggested a wet floor to create more space and easier to maintain as well as more attractive to look at.
  • Our designer felt the space with shelving to the right of the door was a waste of space and as the clients were not really using this, the space could be put to better use.  This became an immediate choice for the location of a towel warmer.

Project Outcome

Whilst working on the project we discovered we had raise the shower and bath to allow for plumbing.  This platform actually a lovely feature in the room that the clients are pleased with, as our we.  In fact, our designer says she wishes she had put it in from the outset.

The clients are absolutely thrilled with the overall bathroom as are we.  The space works very well for them in additional to being the lovely, relaxing and functional room they wished for.

Ready to get started?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you about your bathroom project!

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