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Maidenhead Riverside Ensuite

We were brought on for both a family bathroom and ensuite bathroom in this property. The couple wanted something cutting edge and stylish to suit their luxurious taste.

Project Brief

The couple decided to head up one bathroom each, to help avoid arguments. For this room, it was decided that the existing layout they had actually worked really well and so it was all about the styling of the room and bringing it all together. Iy was important to keep both a bath and a shower as well as plenty of storage.

Project Style

Contemporary, Fully Tiled, Modern, Eclectic, Wet Floor, Quirky, Storage

Project Budget


Our Approach

After working on multiple layout options and us all agreeing the existing layout worked well we got to work on the styling and product suggestions. The colour-scheme and feel for this room was achieved over a number of meetings finalising what the clients wanted for this space. The final outcome is a beautiful mix of wood, greenery and plants, and black brassware. It creates a modern and yet timeless elegance and a spa-like feel.

Project Outcome

This is a beautiful room and we’re very proud of the finished product. Of course, our client’s opinion is what matters most and we know they’re absolutely thrilled.

Client Comments

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