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Berkshire Bathroom

A professional couple who live in a stylish 60’s home in a quiet residential area were planning to enlarge their current bathroom by combining a small bedroom and their current equally small bathroom to create a large bathroom. They had been having some work done on their house and their builder had already removed the wall between the two rooms when they visited us and asked us to look at the space and see what we could come up with.

Project Brief

Our clients wanted a modern classic bathroom with a comfortable bath and a large separate shower on a wet floor that was fully enclosed. Storage was also important and we needed to bear in mind that the couple themselves and visiting guests would be using the space. This meant it needed to be practical both on a long term scale and for overnight guests. They also wanted a waterproof TV/Radio in the bathroom after seeing one in our showroom.

Project Style

Contemporary, Modern, Wet Floor

Project Budget


Our Approach

  • Our designer located the bath under the window as it is a natural position for a bath within a bathroom.
  • The shower was then positioned aligned with the bath on the other end of the wall where another window was positioned, but much higher up and so we were not worried about it getting too wet. We worked with a false wall to separate the two. This is ideal to ensure a space for all plumbing work – especially useful when the shower is on an external wall. We put this wall to use making it a space for the TV to be embedded on the bath side, and a recess for shampoos etc on the shower side along with the pipework, shower and controls.
  • Placement of the towel warmer right next to the shower was obvious both from a practical and space/design sense.
  • It made natural sense to also pack out for a wall hung WC and create some stylish niches above to create a fun design feature within the room.
  • Ensuring we designed space for a large basin and unit was essential as the couple often used the basin together. Storage above and below were added in to fulfil their needs for extra space to put things. The attractive waterfall style tap was a well thought out design feature to add ‘wow-factor’ both for them and for when guests visited.
  • The calm neutral wall and floor tiles combined with the complementing mosaics add a luxurious feel to the room.

Project Outcome

Our clients were thrilled with the finished bathroom. It exceeded their expectations of luxury and functional features combined together. They expressed that it was worth the wait as this room did take us a little longer to finish than we had originally estimated. Being the only bathroom in the property obviously it is difficult for clients to be without for any length of time. They couldn’t wait to have guests over and show them their new bathroom and they were particularly taken with the shower space, recesses, TV and waterfall tap. They told us they would not have been able to create all the design features themselves without our help and expertise.

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