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Beaconsfield Family Bathroom

Our client wanted a practical and colourful family bathroom.

Project Brief

This bathroom was to be used by their young son, and soon soon to be born new baby.  Our client wanted a separate bath and shower, so the bathroom could easily accommodate the children at the same time.  She also wanted 2 basin units to meet the needs of a growing family.

Project Style

Contemporary, Fully Tiled, Modern, Eclectic

Project Budget


Our Approach

  • Our designer felt that easy access areas, bright colours and practical items would be the best solution to create a fun, family bathroom for use by very young children that would be adaptable as they grew up
  • Our designer suggested Duravit Darling basin units in Spring Green which would add a bright colour to the room and could be complemented by accessories
  • Our designer also suggested a level entry shower area which would be easy to clean after use by young children

Project Outcome

The client was extremely pleased with the design and products suggested.  They met her criteria and proved to be a practical solution for a family bathroom with young children.  Our client added vivid coloured accessories which complemented the green of the basin furniture and made for a cheerful, bright family bathroom.

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