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Creating the ultimate indulgent bathroom

Are you thinking about updating your bathroom to create the ultimate indulgent bathroom?

The Soak Design Team often are asked to offer suggestions for co-ordinating the en-suite look into the master bedroom or a dressing room.  We suggest taking one of the themes, usually colour, to link in with the bedroom.  In one of our installations the customer chose the Tresor range of tiles by Valentino and is planning to theme the room round this look.  We selected the floral tiles in black and white, and white and grey matching floor and wall tiles, along with black and white and white gold Bisazza tiles in the shower area .  We have suggested a couple of options – a black or black and white floral theme for one wall in the bedroom and using that as a theme for the whole room, or adding accessories in bathroom such as coloured towels that is then linked through to the bedroom, with perhaps black and white floral curtains.  Whichever our client chooses it is going to add tie in the glamour to both rooms and the bedroom continues seamlessly with the design. 

Soak in Style Design for Master En suite featuring Tresor by Valentino tiles
Soak in Style Design for Master En suite featuring Dansani Zaro
So what can you do to achieve the ultimate indulgence?
  •  Look through magazines and keep pictures of what you like.  Look on websites of home related websites and at recently updated hotels which often have the ultimate indulgent bathrooms.
  •  Decide on a budget and let the Design Team know what level you are thinking of, and what you want to achieve.  Your Designer can then plan your ultimate indulgent bathroom.
  •  If you take showers most of the time, a wet room or flat walk in shower area is the way to go.  If you prefer the relaxing feeling of soaking in a bath you can choose a from a range of traditional or modern styles, or you can have a bath – such as the Bette Ocean – which is designed for showering and bathing.  In a small bathroom it is often better to have a large shower area rather than squeeze in a bath which can make the room look cramped.
  •  Is storage a must?  If the answer is yes and it usually is, you can consider wall-hung furniture with either drawer of cupboards which give an attractive slimline look which gives a strong focal point in the room. It also means you can store all the clutter out of sight.  
  •  Then comes the huge choice of colours and finishes!  High gloss colours – particularly the classics of grey, black, white or neutral (beige, greige etc) are popular at the moment, but plenty of people plump for a wood, or wood style finish.  
  •  Do you like space either side of the basin?  You can  have a basin on top of a work-surface which has a wide choice of colours so you can compliment your choice of tiles.  Or you can choose a basin such as the Dansani Cadenza with plenty of space to the side.
Dansani Zaro in White with Cadenza basin, PuraVida basin tap

 Dansani Cadenza basin + Hansgrohe PuraVida tap

Or the Burgbad Oteo with plenty of space either side 

Burgbad Oteo
  •  Most of the furniture manufacturers offer matching mirrors or mirror cabinets, giving you more storage as well as adding light to the room.  The cabinets also include the all essential electric toothbrush / shaver socket.  
  •  Do you like listening to music in the bathroom? Bluetooth is available on a wide assortment of mirror cabinets from Duravit, or you can have the ultimate indulgence: a TV/Radio. 
    Duravit Sound System

    TV / Radio in a client’s bathroom

  •  Once you have established the colour of your furniture, you can think about tiles.  If your room is small you might want to consider neutral tones, you can always add a wow factor with some mosaics.  The larger the tiles, the larger the space will appear.  As well as colour, tiles and mosaics can also add texture and / or pattern to your bathroom. 
  •  Lighting is equally important, and can create whatever mood you wish in your ultimate indulgent bathroom. 
Has this given you some ideas about creating your ultimate indulgent bathroom?  Why not come and see our showroom in Maidenhead and talk to us about your plans.  
Contact us by email on sales@soakinstyle.comor call us on 01628 783686.

Our Creative Director was a Finalist for the KBBR Bathroom Designer of the Year Awards 2013, 2012, 2011.
Soak in Style offer a bespoke design and installation service, or supply only.


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