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Bathing in an egg ..

Does the though of being cocooned in your own haven while having a relaxing bath sound like bliss? If so you can select from a number of baths that take their inspiration from an egg.

VOV bath from Mastella in White
Black VOV from Mastella

At Soak in Style we are delighted to offer the new VOV and Vanity bathtubs from the prestigious Mastella Design collections of comfortable baths with unique shapes. The VOV and Vanity baths are made from a K-plan which is a non-porous composite smooth material that is very tactile and has the added bonus of being easy to clean.

Vanity bath from Mastella Design

The Vanity is a wall-mounted version of the VOV which is available in black and white; and both are both are large and comfortable bathtubs where you can relax within soft organic curves. You can check out both the baths here.

Boldly conceived as a low slung single piece shell, the Napoli from Victoria and Albert offers the simplicity of rimless bathing combined with extreme comfort and a low step-in height.  Crafted from organic limestone the natural shape is ideal for a soothing bath.

The Napoli bath on display in the Soak showroom



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