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2012 Finalist Bathroom Designer £25K+ Soak in Style

Soak are delighted to announce that for the second year running, our Head Designer, Catriona Lock, is a finalist in the KBB Review Industry Awards.  Catriona has been nominated as one of 4 finalists for Bathroom Designer of the Year in the £25+ category.

Catriona Lock, Designer Soak in Style

Catriona describes the inspiration behind her design: “the theme of black and white came into play once I had selected the bath, after which everything else just seemed to drop into place.  I settled on the iconic design of the Amalfi bath from V+A deciding that the sculptural aspects of the bath were perfect for this space.  The design concept of this room is from the minute you walk in you want to start touching and using everything as the tactile appeal has such a huge impact on this design.  The fascinating part of this design is as soon as I walked into the existing bathroom I could see that a huge amount of space was not being used to it’s full advantage.  Having worked with our clients on their master bathroom, I had a good idea of what their tastes were, and as soon as I had established what they wanted from this room in the way of product, i.e bath and shower, and storage, I could start to put the room together in my head and it all just slotted into place.”

Amalfi Bath, Bisazza Mosaics, Dansani Zaro and Valentino Tiles

Catriona Lock’s Design Nominated for Designer of the Year KBBR Awards 2012

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